LIVE RADIO Laguna Beach/Orange County Countywide Emergency LBFD-Accidents-CHP-Heli-Major Incidents


Orange County California Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS) Live Radio

System Name: Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS)
Location: Orange County, CA
County: Orange
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
Last Updated: May 2, 2016, 3:18 pm (Updated Function Tag assignments for 5 talkgroups)
System ID Connect Tone
6C3F 90.0

EMS (Field-to-Hospital) Talkgroups 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
3920 0f5 A 4G FLD/ER N 4G ALS-No Contact (North) Hospital
4272 10b A 5K FLD/ER S 5K ALS-No Contact (South) Hospital
6896 1af A MED-CALL 6A Assignment (“OCC”) Hospital
6928 1b1 A MED-N1 6B North 1 Hospital
6960 1b3 A MED-N2 6C North 2 Hospital
6992 1b5 A MED-NW 6D Northwest Hospital
7024 1b7 A MED-S1 6E South 1 Hospital
7056 1b9 A MED-S2 6F South 2 Hospital
7088 1bb A MED-SW 6G Southwest Hospital
7120 1bd A MED-CO1 6H Countywide 1 Hospital
7152 1bf A MED-CO2 6I Countywide 2 Hospital
7184 1c1 A MED-CO3 6J Countywide 3 Hospital
7216 1c3 A MED-LAB 6K Laguna Beach Hospital

Hospital-to-OCC Talkgroups 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
27360 6ae D HOC-HOC All Base Hospitals (Broadcast) Hospital
27520 6b8 D HMHP Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Hospital
27680 6c2 D HBH Huntington Beach Hospital Hospital
27840 6cc D MHRMC Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center Hospital
28000 6d6 D SJMC St Jude Medical Center Hospital
28160 6e0 D UCI MC UC Irvine Medical Center Hospital
28320 6ea D OCGMC Orange County Global Medical Center – Santa Ana Hospital

Additional Fire/EMS/EOC Talkgroups 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
4432 115 A SIL-TAC 7D Silverado Canyon Tactical Fire-Tac
4464 117 A CRB-TAC 7E Carbon Canyon Tactical Fire-Tac
4496 119 A TRAVEL 7A TravelNet Fire-Tac
4528 11b A EBY-TAC 7F Emerald Bay Tactical Fire-Tac
6800 1a9 A EOC 7B EOC to EOC Operations Fire-Tac
20960 51e E ARSON 7C Arson Investigators Fire-Tac

Dispatch/Coordination Talkgroups 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
6736 1a5 A AIRCALL Aircraft Dispatching/Hailing Interop
20800 514 E PIO-PIO Public Information Officer Coordination Interop
27200 6a4 D DSP-DSP Dispatch Center Coordination Interop

Public Works Shared (BROWN) Talkgroups 

For shared use by any public works or city service departments.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
36000 8ca D BROWN-N Public Works Shared – North Interop
36032 8cc D BROWN-S Public Works Shared – South Interop
36064 8ce D BROWN-1 Public Works Shared Tac – North Cell Interop
36096 8d0 D BROWN-2 Public Works Shared Tac – Northwest Cell Interop
36128 8d2 D BROWN-3 Public Works Shared Tac – South Cell Interop
36160 8d4 D BROWN-4 Public Works Shared Tac – Southwest Cell Interop
36192 8d6 D BROWN-5 Public Works Shared Tac – Laguna Cell Interop
36224 8d8 D BROWN-6 Public Works Shared Tac – Countywide Cell Interop

Countywide Interoperability (TAN) Talkgroups 

For interop between police, fire, lifeguard and public works countywide.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
6256 187 A TAN-CALL Countywide Calling (Any Unit to Control 1) (9A) Interop
6288 189 A TAN-N Countywide Interop – North (9B) Interop
6320 18b A TAN-S Countywide Interop – South (9C) Interop
6352 18d A TAN-1 Countywide Interop Tac – North Cell (9D) Interop
6384 18f A TAN-2 Countywide Interop Tac – Northwest Cell (9E) Interop
6416 191 A TAN-3 Countywide Interop Tac – South Cell (9F) Interop
6448 193 A TAN-4 Countywide Interop Tac – Southwest Cell (9G) Interop
6480 195 A TAN-5 Countywide Interop Tac – Laguna Cell (9H) Interop
6512 197 A TAN-6 Countywide Interop Tac – Countywide Cell (9I) Interop
30688 77e E TAN-7 Countywide Interop Tac Interop
30720 780 E TAN-8 9K Joint Hazmat Assessment Team Interop

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