Solar Powered Linksys WRT54g Router w DD-wrt and HotSpotSystem

I have built a solar powered Linksys WRT54g router setup.

1. WRT54g router 12v 1a with DDwrt v24 and ($20 ebay)
2. 10amp solar charger controller 12v ($10 ebay)
3. 2x 10watt solar panels 12v ($22 each ebay)
4. 1.4 Ah 12v battery ($16 Frys)
5. 20dB gain Yagi directional antenna ($10 ebay)
6. Reverse RP-TNC male to RP-SMA female adapter ($2 ebay)
7. (will purchase waterproof box) $10 or similar



Works perfectly but needs a bigger battery. The 1.4Ah 12v sealed battery only lasts about 2 hours when the charge stops. I read somewhere that a 7.2Ah battery should work, which makes sense if I want to get roughly 7x more power time (if 1.4Ah=2hours then 7.2Ah should equal about 10 hours…)


The solar charge controller is awesome! Each panel puts out about 15-18v in medium cloudy sunlight at about 0.6amps each. The controller charges the battery to about 13.8v, then automatically switches to a float charge to about 14.1v. After full charge I could disconnect 1 panel and still maintain power to the router and a positive charge to the battery.


The panels are chinese 10Watt models from ebay. They seem to be pretty good, as it does not take much sunlight to generate 12-14v (in the medium shade). They will easily produce 18v each in full direct sunlight.


The Yagi is a 20 or 24 dB gain directional with a 30 degree cone spread signal. Haven’t done any testing as I am still in crutches after knee surgery and don’t want to go across the street and walk around.



Here is the 7.5 AH 12volt battery installed. The unit will power the WRT54G router for well over 8 hours. I put the whole thing in a waterproof box, however I am planning on drilling some holes for PVC pipes to vent and to affix the antennas to.


I found this cool Solar Powered Brewery bottlecap and decided it was perfect for a heatsink. So I glued it onto the main Broadcom chip for some heat dispersion.


Bottlecap heatsink on WRT54G router.


Installed in waterproof box. Must provide ventilation. Using stock antennas until the RP-TNC and RP-BNC adapters come in the mail.


Setup in action on a sunny day.







I have put together an Arduino Solar Panel Sun Tracker. Check out the code and project page!


Torn MCL and ACL + Surgery

On January 20th 2013 I was injured riding dirt bikes and torn my right knee MCL and ACL in the Cajon Pass Trestles / Baldy Mesa OHV.


I was following my brother Evan and his friend Scott Royce on some sick trails about 10 miles out from base camp.  Doing about 30+, I came around a corner and faced a dire situation.  My brother had stopped abruptly so as not to fly off a medium sized 10 ft cliff.  I had a choice, either run straight into him and crash us both, or ditch the bike and take one for the team.  Even though I had about a half a second to make a decision before impact, I am glad I avoided colliding with the other rider and hurting us both.

I had surgery on Jan 30th at the Laguna Hills Surgery Center.  My doctor was the excellent Scott Graham.

It has been over a week now and I am healing well. The medication is helping lol…


Gambling Cheats

I have always been fascinated at the lengths casino cheats will go to.  I wonder if there is a band of gambling cheats who solely prey on small local casino night fundraising events….?